Ceeview – The Innovative IT Service Monitoring

Full-cycle design project
Team Leader in sync with remote Product Owner

One of the leaders in IT Service Monitoring & Management solutions, Ceeview is a web application designed to show you in realtime the status/response time of your IT services. It also provides tools designed to locate and identify bottlenecks for fast service improvements.

Ceeview was one of my long-term full-cycle design projects. The project started with me pitching the design&development process within the former company I worked within. Then, we have created a simple prototype for showcasing the frontend stack and basic interaction.

Soon, we’ve set up the environment and way of collaborating and in no time we were creating new modules and features.

Being a rather interesting situation, where the client had already booked beta-customers, we were constrained to work in 1-week sprints in order to deliver faster. This worked well for the team and clients, both being flexible in the changes during the sprint and meeting the deadlines.

Progressive Enhancement Rules!