Hi, I’m Andy Gongea, a product designer.

Andy Gongea Portrait

My design journey has started more than 16 years ago with desktop publishing, switching to web design and settling on UI/UX design.

I enjoy creating engaging user experiences

I've been constantly interested in becoming a better professional, therefore I have started a design blog (2007), designed 2 successful icons sets (2009, 2012) and created a web application for web performance optimization (2013). I'm interested in coding as well, following standards, best practices and always trying to optimize my code.

  • Online Cloud Backup
  • Robots as a Service
  • IT Service Monitoring
  • Asset Investment Solutions
  • Your Dining Experience
  • European Online Shopping

AIM - Asset Investment Manager

AIM is a risk-based decision support platform that optimizes asset investment under multiple performance, risk and budgetary constraints.

Pagelocity - Web Page Optimization

In 2013 I have started a web page optimization app, called Pagelocity, to improve my PHP/JS skills. Initially, the concept was just for a simple analyzer but it changed into a web app.

Ceeview - Digital Monitoring Platform

Ceeview was one of the full life-cycle design projects, from design strategy to delivery to market.

Koloria - Free Icons Set

One of my most rewarding projects. Not only Koloria got a lot of downloads, but it got increddible feedback and numerous leads.

User Interface/User Experience Group

A growing community (4.5k) of user experience and interface enthusiasts and wannabes.


Fugro Roadware

Pavement data capture and analysis for improving, design, performance and roads safety.

Andy is an exceptional UI/UX designer with an incredibly sharp eye for detail. He never ceases to amaze when he transforms our technical designs and layouts from a proof of concept to a beautifully finished product.

Andy does not hesitate to challenge and question preconceptions, ensuring every decision is based on sound reasoning. Andy is hard working, cares about his work and is very good at what he does. I'm grateful to have been working with him over the last few years.

Philip Jonkergouw
Managing Director @ Asset Investment Manager

Andy has worked with Ceesoft since 2012 as a Team Leader and UI Designer/Developer.

I have had the pleasure of working with Andy for two years at Ceesoft, collaborating on several projects related to our web design and presence in social media.

Dag Lund
Founder&Owner @ IT Service Monitoring
Web Designer @ IT Six
2006 - 2008
In the first few years I was in charge with designing and implementing various outsourcing projects.
UX/UI Manager @ IT Six
2009 - 2016
The next stage at IT Six was to coordinate the design department and steer the projects within the company.
UX Designer @ eMAG IT
2016 - 2017
I joined eMAG teams to help improve their supply chain web applications and support a common design language throughout the apps.
Product Designer Consultant
2017 - present
The current step of my career is to provide my design/development/pm skills to clients and improve their design process.

CSS != Broken. Developers do not get CSS.