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I help companies with their design process

From research and concept, to post-delivery optimizations.

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  • Andy has worked with Ceesoft since 2012 as a team leader and UI designer/developer.

    I have had the pleasure of working with Andy for two years at Ceesoft, collaborating on several projects related to our web design and presence in social media.

    Equally self-directed as much as a team player, Andy would take the initiative to and come up with new ideas and strategies for content and design. It has been a pleasure brainstorming and sharing ideas with him.

    Given this working relationship, I would recommend Andy as an accomplished Web/UX designer in terms of accuracy, professionalism and punctuality.

    Dag Lund
    Sales & Marketing, Founder & Owner @ Ceesoft
  • We have been very impressed by Andy’s work to create a stylish, elegant and modern website. When feedback was needed, new versions or modifications were made very quickly.

    Andy is easy to communicate with and does it all in a timely manner. Needless to say, we were extremely satisfied with the results.

    Henrik Gemal
    Corporate Ninja @ DinnerBooking

My skill set

Along the years, throughout the projects I was involved in, I have developed a set of skills relative to the design domain.

While in the beginning I was quite interested in animation and 3D, that didn't last too long and I steered towards web design. From that point, I have gained complementary coding skills and developed them in parallel with design.

The variety of projects, from presentation websites to enterprise-level applications, helped polishing my skill set and acquiring new skills as well.

  • Customer Experience
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      Heuristic Analysis Prototyping Web Design Mobile App Design Icons Design
    • User Interaction
      CSS3 jQuery JS Libraries
    • Web Development
      HTML CSS JavaScript Web Standards PHP Libraries
    • Performance Optimization
      Assets Code Analysis PageSpeed Insights
  • Andy Gongea
  • User Interface
    User Interaction
    Web Development
    Performance Optimization