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I help companies with their design process

From research and concept, to post-delivery optimizations.

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  • Andy is an exceptional UI/UX designer with an incredibly sharp eye for detail. He never ceases to amaze when he transforms our technical designs and layouts from a proof of concept to a beautifully finished product.

    Andy does not hesitate to challenge and question preconceptions, ensuring every decision is based on sound reasoning. Andy is hard working, cares about his work and is very good at what he does. I'm grateful to have been working with him over the last few years.

    Philip Jonkergouw
    Managing Director @ Probit Consulting Limited
  • We have been very impressed by Andy’s work to create a stylish, elegant and modern website. When feedback was needed, new versions or modifications were made very quickly.

    Andy is easy to communicate with and does it all in a timely manner. Needless to say, we were extremely satisfied with the results.

    Henrik Gemal
    Corporate Ninja @ DinnerBooking
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My skill set

Along the years, throughout the projects I was involved in, I have developed a set of skills relative to the design domain.

While in the beginning I was quite interested in animation and 3D, that didn't last too long and I steered towards web design. From that point, I have gained complementary coding skills and developed them in parallel with design.

The variety of projects, from presentation websites to enterprise-level applications, helped polishing my skill set and acquiring new skills as well.

Customer Experience
  • User Interface
    Heuristic Analysis Prototyping Web Design Mobile App Design Icons Design
  • User Interaction
    CSS3 jQuery JS Libraries
  • Web Development
    HTML CSS JavaScript Web Standards PHP Libraries
  • Performance Optimization
    Assets optimization Code Analysis PageSpeed Insights

Professional Timeline

Web Designer @ IT Six
2006 - 2008
In the first few years I was in charge with designing and implementing various outsourcing projects.
UX/UI Manager @ IT Six
2009 - 2016
The next stage at IT Six was to coordinate the design department and steer the projects within the company.
UX Designer @ eMAG IT
2016 - 2017
I joined eMAG teams to help improve their supply chain web applications and support a common design language throughout the apps.
Product Designer Consultant
2017 - present
The current step of my career is to provide my design/development/pm skills to clients and improve their design process.